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Trevor Low BA, Dip AD & ATD

Trevor Low BA, Dip AD & ATD

Trevor Low has more than 35 years experience advising, coaching and teaching in private and public sports and leisure activities and safety.

Trevor is President of the Institute of Expert Witnesses, a qualified teacher, honorary national coach for and life member of British Gymnastics and member of the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) (formerly the British Institute of Advisors and Lecturers in Physical Education - baalpe).

He has been involved in sport and physical education at all levels - from pre-school programmes through to international performers - and was Sport England's Coach of the Year in 2001.

Trevor has been providing legal advice for more than 30 years in all aspects of safety in performance, safe environments and, in particular, the complex responsibilities in actions involving permanent disablement.

His knowledge extends to all aspects of indoor activities in state and private education and in clubs, leisure centres and businesses where facilities are offered for private functions and parties.

He also has considerable experience advising on the merits of and risks in theatre, circus, stunt schools and themed-sport parties - including Freestyle and Parkour activities.

Trevor became involved in sports safety in 1972 as a member of a panel which wrote a full syllabus and sport qualification system for the sport of gymnastics which included the principles of safe progressions for skill learning and safe adaptable sport environments.

He remains involved in the management of a sport club - which has a specialist training hall and a 350-seat public arena - and his international representation and coaching has taken him to five Olympic Games and five continents studying sport training systems.

Trevor is a Law Society Checked expert witness who has successfully acted upon instructions from many solicitors and continues to advise in a number of different legal scenarios.

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