Institute of Expert Witnesses

Providing specialist advice and support in accident cases

The Institute of Expert Witnesses offers professional impartial and independent advice and provides qualified expert opinions to support the legal process of resolving cases of accidents and injury.


Solicitor 1  “ Thank you for your invaluable Expert Witness Report” The report was a significant piece of evidence and proved extremely helpful when the case went to trial”.

Solicitor 2  “Your IEW Expert Witness Report was particularly useful in this case. You successfully identified the main issues and provided a detailed, researched based analysis of the incident. Your professional expertise and opinion was an important factor in determining the outcome of this case”. 

Solicitor 3  “Following a brief to provide a comprehensive report within a very short timescale, the solicitor in Bristol described the report as "excellent". 

Barrister 1 In London, referred to a report on a particular aspect of a claim as "wrapping up all the issues".

Scottish Solicitor  Thank you for your assistance in this matter, it was vital to our success.

"Thank you for your Expert Report which I am very pleased with. I am happy with the way you have addressed the issues in the Defendant's Reports and your attention to detail is excellent ...... "Limerick Solicitor

“I was delighted with the quality of your expert witness report. Your attention to detail and observance of the available evidence was first class. It was vital to the case that your report was comprehensive and delivered to a tight time scale. I will not hesitate to use your services again.”

And many more recent and positive testimonials from clients .....

    • "Of all the three expert reports tabled in this claim, yours was the most influential at the pre Hearing conference .on the balance of probabilities  ,it served to highlight the key issues  of unsatisfactory practice and quickened the pace towards settlement"


    • "Thank you for the clarity within your report. Your expertise provided a focus on areas / issues we had not explored with the client"


    • "Your report endorsed your national training "excellence in report writing"


    • "I have finally had the opportunity to read through your report It is an incredibly thorough and detailed document which contains masses of useful and clear findings and information which will inform the Statement of claim with clarity...I am pleased to say it is money extremely well spent"


    • "Your report and your further precise and meticulous comments on the bundle of disclosures were highly signiificant contributors to us reaching an amicable and appreciated settlement on behalf of the Claimant"


    • "Your report made all the difference to the result of the claim"


    • "Your strength under cross-examination held all the particulars of claim intact throughout. Thank you for advising the court so professionally and competently."


    • "I have found your report to be very useful and felt it to be of an excellent standard."


    • "The pre-trial teleconference with counsel and yourself unpicked every issue and so thoroughly informed and educated him that he was able to give a powerful, concise opening case summary to the judge."


    • "Your report was so convincing, up to date and thorough that it was easily acceptable, detailed and applaudable to the district judge and the court, meaning you did not need to attend the court to be cross-examined. Special thanks for minimising the legal processes."


    • "I really do - as does the court - appreciate your attention to detail as the preparation of the particulars of claim seemed such a simple, well-informed task after the receipt of your outstanding report."