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Howard G Davies BSc & DLC

Howard G Davies BSc & DLC


Howard Davies has more than 35 years of experience of advising and working in the fitness industry designing and operating fitness equipment.

As a former Olympic athlete and Loughborough University PE graduate he has first-hand experience of fitness training and helped develop international fitness safety standards across the UK, Europe and the USA - including the EN957 and ISO 20957 for fitness equipment.

Howard has assisted in the development of inclusive fitness design standards for the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and currently works for the following organisations:

Howard's design background means he has a successful track record in product development plus experience of sales and marketing with International and UK commercial fitness equipment manufacturers.

This work has also seen him pioneer many new markets for specialist products and training programmes for inclusion and disability and for the military and fire services.

He has also coached and run seminars for everyone from local authorities, educational establishments and sporting clubs through to military, police and fire services.

Howard is a Law Society Checked expert witness who has successfully acted upon instructions from many solicitors and prepared expert witness reports for a number of national bodies including the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management (ISRM)Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (formerly the RUC).

Howard's full CV can be found here

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