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Dr Stephen Rhys Lloyd PhD, M Phil, Cert Ed, AI & GP Ref

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Dr Stephen Rhys Lloyd PhD, M Phil, Cert Ed, AI & GP Ref


Dr Stephen Rhys Lloyd has more than 40 years experience advising, coaching, consulting and teaching in physical education, recreation and sporting activities.

Stephen is the former President of the Institute of Expert Witnesses and former President of the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) (formerly the British Institute of Advisors and Lecturers in Physical Education - baalpe).

He has worked in every school and educational setting from nursery through to university and currently teaches in two universities and - as an experienced education inspector and advisor - also works as an external examiner in a further three universities.

Dr Lloyd was formally the CEO of a governing body of sport and is currently the director of a consultancy unit in the University of Wales Institute Cardiff.

He is also an independent consultant in a number of different areas of expertise and has three physical education and sporting degrees - including a PhD.

Dr Lloyd has visited more than 30 different countries - advising on both local and national issues - and represented Great Britain at the inaugural World Conference on Physical Education and School Sport in Berlin.

He is a former international player and experienced national coach who is fully-qualified to coach and teach 18 different sports.

Dr Lloyd is a Law Society Checked expert witness who has successfully acted upon instructions from many solicitors and continues to advise in a number of different legal scenarios.

Dr Lloyd's full CV can be found here

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