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What is a valid definition of “Supervision”?

In cases of recreation and sports injuries, sports qualifications and risk assessments often make allowances for activities to be conducted under “SUPERVISION” of lesser or non-qualified staff. 

The failure in this management strategy may lie in the “greyness” of the concept.  The question to ask is: Was the sports supervision a simple box ticking ploy to increase throughput? Was the Supervisor engaged in performing that specific role of observation, for example running a risk assessment in sports? Did the supervisor understand the responsibilities and the skill of observing?

To be meaningful the Supervision must to a greater extent be directed at the lesser qualified staff and be reasonably dedicated to the task without a distracting responsibility of another role, for example filling out registers or sports coaching/ teaching/ managing another group. It may be reasonable for 1 qualified member of staff to supervise a small number of assistants, but was the field of view realistic? 

On a case-by-case investigation, Expert Investigation and Reporting can greatly assist the court by assessing all the circumstances and making a reasoned statement on the efficiency and validity of the Supervision.

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An article signed by Trevor Low BA, Dip AD & ATD.

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