Institute of Expert Witnesses

Providing specialist advice and support in accident cases

The Institute of Expert Witnesses offers professional impartial and independent advice and provides qualified expert opinions to support the legal process of resolving cases of accidents and injury.

Outdoor Education for Schools

At this lovely time of year, there are many and varied school trips being undertaken.
From high mounting..


A step-by-step guide to avoid sea accidents

The summer is here and it appears that everybody with a boat, board or ski (PWC) is heading to the coast for fun in the sun making it the perfect time to..


How Segway operators can avoid injury claims

Over the last few weeks I have been working with another colleague from IEW William Duncan MacKay looking at Segway and other forms of personal..


How to stay safe when paddleboarding

With the huge increase in participation within the sport of paddleboarding it’s become really apparent that there are different levels of safety..


Heat Can Kill – Heat Injuries

In what could be a very hot summer in the UK we should focus on what has been identified in a number of occasions as Lack of Judgment in many heat injury and heat stroke cases our experts..

Photo Credits William Duncan MacKay IFMGA, ISIA & FRGS

Play Equipment - Refurbish or Replace

Our witness expert Jean Wenger MIEW, RPIIAM on playground equipment


Prevention is the Best Protection

As safety management professionals offering impartial and independent legal advice, IEW consultants work with a wide range of clients from large chambers, law firms and..


Sea safety essentials

The 6 sea safety must haves!
When it comes to safety gear on a powerboat there’s a lot of advice to consider.

Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity – A Life Saver and a Potential Minefield!

There has never been a time when children and adults needed to exercise more, eat sensibly and lead a healthier life style. The obesity epidemic continues to consume all age groups at an ever-increasing rate and inactivity..


Non Association Sport Activities - Does what goes up really come down again?

Today's non association sport activities are a severe challenge for any expert witness. Over the past decade many sports have spawned off-piste,..


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