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IEW Expert Dr Stephen Lloyd helps develop a new trampoline standard

IEW Past President Dr Stephen Rhys Lloyd has been participating in a British Standards Institute and European Standards Institute development programme for Trampoline ParksIt is hoped that this may also develop into a full World International Standard in the future.

There has been much debate and concern regarding the number of serious injuries to both adults and children, in a variety of trampoline parks across the world. The new Standard will address the critical issues of both the manufacturing standards of installation and maintenance and the quality and competence of park managers and court supervisors.

Dr Lloyd travels to a variety of European cities to participate in the development panel, which consists of more than 30 countries.

The International Association for Trampoline Parks is an important member of the development group, as are the authors of the extremely useful PASS 5000 guidance document.

The new Standard should be available early in 2020 and will form a centrepiece of regulation, which will ensure that the increasing popularity of parks, corresponds with a decline in injuries to the huge number of active participants.

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